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Elevator EJ-1000 Series

EJ-1000 Series

Group Control System

The current building trend has slowly shifted to mega constructions and high-rise structures. Most buildings are now integrated with multi-function and characteristics. Thus, this phenomenon has raise the demand of efficient elevator group controls system that meet the passengers' need in a well organized and timely manner.
As always, toward the vision of fulfilling the needs of the building users and management, Toshiba has developed an effective "EJ-1000 Series" elevator group control system. With Toshiba's "EJ-1000 Series", elevator that understands human's need is no longer far beyond to reach.
Fuzzy control is applied as a whole into this "EJ-1000 Series", group control system. Neural network of fuzzy control is available in "EJ-1000 FN", which allowing the group control system to handle large numbers of observed data from the traffic pattern of building.
"EJ-1000 Series" group control system is corresponding to the characteristics of the building, the need of both the building users and management. This highly developed fuzzy control system will tunes its control parameters automatically according the observed traffic pattern, providing our customer the maximum riding comfort and conveniences.


The top model in the system, featuring the latest functionality


Standard system specifications, featuring highly sensitive allocation (fuzzy control) and peak support functions


Small-scale group control systems, featuring fuzzy control

EJ-1000series specifications

Function Fuzzy neural net control    
Service reservation    
Landing voice announcemant system    
Peak support(assingned operation)  
High-sensitivity allocation(fuzzy control)
Expert system
Program modefication
No.Cars 3 to 8 3 to 6 3 to 4
Specification Description
Fuzzy neural net control Automatically learns form changes in elavator operating status to realize the optimum operation for each building.
Learning Analyzes and stores building-internal traffic demand by time period, and automatically tunes the control parameters used for fuzzy control and the like.
Service reservation When a hall button is pressed, the elevator hall’s lantern comes on, and a single chime sounds.
Landing voice announcement system The wait time based on group control system operation data is announced at the landing. This makes elevator usage smoother, and puts the people waiting at ease.
Peak support
(assigned operation)
Separates elavators into high-floor and low-floor groups at start of business and during lunchtime, to improve transportation capacity.
High-sensitivity allocation
(fuzzy control)
Forecasting and identification of operating data, using fuzzy coutrol. Highly sensitive allocation reduces wait times.
Expert system Specialized experience and expertise are coded into rules, and the optimum rules selectes to offer service that best meets humans' psychological needs.
Program modification Dedicated service staff can hook up a dedicated modification console to the group-countrol control panel in the elevator machine to modify the program according to elevator use.
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