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Aiming to Create Safe and Pleasant Elevators
with Toshiba Technology and Quality


Masahiro Suzuki

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation (hereinafter called TELC) has built a framework that encompasses all aspects of Toshiba's elevators from product and system development to production, installation, adjustment, maintenance and services in order to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Utilizing the comprehensive technological infrastructure developed by Toshiba Corporation over more than 130 years since its foundation, we aim to further enhance the world-leading technology and quality that enabled us to develop ultra high speed elevator, harnessing the full range of Toshiba's technological innovations. To respond to customers' expectations and requirements for safe and pleasant elevators, TELC is constantly pursuing further innovation and improvement. The goals of our corporate activities are to enhance the delight of our customers in our products and win their complete trust in Toshiba elevators.

TELC is also making a significant contribution to the development of society in the 21st century as a good corporate citizen in the international community. Based on our fundamental policy of placing the highest priority on safety and compliance, we conduct CSR activities, give full consideration to the natural environment, respond to the needs of the aging society, and do our utmost to save resources and energy. To these ends, we also place great importance on fostering the employees who promote our corporate activities and provide our customers with high-quality services.

We welcome and appreciate your frank opinions as we strive to further enhance your satisfaction with our products and services.