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Escalator Kindmover-Ⅱ


Kindly designed for everyone

The escalator "Kindmover-Ⅱ" incorporates numerous universal design features. Based on the concepts of "Kind to passengers and Kind to maintenance", the newly designed escalator enables to be used and maintained easily for everyone.

Energy Saving

Contribute to energy and CO2 reduction

Method of comparing power consumption (relative to our conventional product)

Comparison between escalator without inverter drive control and the escalator with the following function (standard escalator S1000 type, 30deg, floor height of 4.5m (no lightings), driving time of 12hours per oneday.

・Stop standby operation Stop standby : six hours
・Low-speed standby operation Low-speed standby : six hours
・Low-speed stop / standby operation Low-speed standby : three hours Stop standby : three hours

Application of LED lightings

LED lightings enables longer life span and more energy saving compared to the fluorescent lightings. Futurermore, it is environmentally friendly because there is no use of mercury.

Sensor beam(image)

Safety and Universal Design

TOSHIBA ESCALATOR safety devices

Sensor beam(image)


Sensor beam(image)

Inlet brush
By installing a brush type guard at the entrance of the handrail belt, it prevents children's hands getting trapped into.

Step up thrust safety device
At the entrance and exit area of escalator, it detects that foot is caught in the gap between steps and stops escalator.

Skirt guard safety device
At the entrance and exit area of escalator, this safety device stops escalator by detecting passenger's feet getting caught in the gap between step and skirt guard.

Broken drive chain safety device*
In the unlikely event which the drive chain is disconnected, since the escalator can not be stopped with a normal electromagnetic brake, this safety device will mechanically lock the moving mechanism of the step to stop the escalator.

Information about the activation of safety device
This device will indicate which safety device has activated and stopped the operation.

*If the floor height exceeds 6000mm, "Auxiliary brake" will be employed instead of "Broken drive chain safety device".

SOFT FRONT EDGE STEP for all users

Sensor beam(image)

In order to use escalator safely, we have employed shock abosorbing material at the front edge of step.

We chose the optimum material considering the balance between "softness" to obtain cushioning effect and "hardness" to prevent getting caught due to deformation.



■ Basic Specifications

Type S600 / S800 / S1000
Speed 0.5m / s
Inclination 30°/ 35°
Power supply For Main AC 3-phase 380, 400, 415V-50/60 Hz
For Lighting AC single-phase 220,230, 240V-50/60 Hz

*The maximum floor height for 35 deg. escalator is 6000mm

■ Exterior Specifications

Balustrade Interior panel Vertical flat tempered glass
Deck board Stainless steel plate with hairline finish
Skirt guard panel Sheet steel with fluororesin coating (black)
Skirt deflector
Handrail Synthetic rubber (black)
Front skirting Sheet steel with fluororesin coating (black)
Step Number of horizontal step 2 steps*2
Tread Stainless steel (black)
Riser Stainless steel (black)
Demarcation line Synthetic resin molding (yellow)
Landing Comb Aluminum
Landing plate Stainless steel

*2 If the floor height exceeds 6000mm, number of horizontal steps will be 3 steps.

■ Optional Specifications

Skirt guard panel Stainless steel plate with hairline finish
Comb Synthetic resin molding (yellow)
Interior panel Vertical stainless steel plate with hairline finish
Lighting Balustrade lightings with LED
Skirt guard lightings with LED (Line / Circle)
Step demarcation lightings with LED
Comb lightings with LED
Safety device Skirt guard safety device
Step up thrust safety device
Function ESNAVI (escalator operation monitor)
Poleless automatic operation

Note : Above specification charts comply with GB168999-211 standard

Handrail (Seven color variations)

Selected the most suitable color from seven available color variations to match the building use and design concepts.
*Black color : Standard *Other six colors : Optional

Other options

"Arrow signs" and "No entry symbols" displayed on the operation monitor indicate the escalator’s operating direction to the passengers and provide passenger-friendly guidance.
Furthermore, when the safety device activates to stop escalators operation, the location of the activated safety device is shown on the operation monitor so that the maintenance staff can find the problem as quickly as possible.

Environmental issue

In order to propose safe and secure escalator, Kindmover focuses on environmental issue.
The advance technologies for energy consumption and resource saving concept offers high concerns for environmental consciousness.

Energy Saving

Pole-less Automatic Operation
Pole-less Automatic Operation is *30% less energy consumption compared to conventional model.

*Comparison between escalator without inverter drive control and the escalator with the following function (standard escalator S1000 type, 30deg, floor height of 4.5m (no lightings), driving time of 12hours per one day.) stop standby operation stop standby : six hours.

Reducing hazardous materials

Lead-Free design
Reduction of lead use by employing lead free control board.

Employing LED lightings
By employing LED light, various materials used for light become mercury free.

Lead-free Design of Base Plate, RoHS Compliance and Elimination of Specific Chemical Substances (15 Classifications)

Continuous concern on the RoHS compliance,
eliminating 15 classifications of specific chemical substances, and using the lead-free technique for main circuit boards.


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