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In buildings, elevators are important means of transportation.
For elevators passengers, length of waiting time and service time on the elevator is an essential parameter for building service.
The Destination Control System "FLOORNAVI" is a group control system that makes it possible to provide more optimum elevator operation by recognizing passenger's destination beforehand.
The situation of the flow of people in the building is comprehensively optimized in order to provide efficient travel.

1. The group control system offers the best operating schedule based on destination information entered.

Before applying the Destination Control System FLOORNAVI

After applying the Destination Control System FLOORNAVI

Utilization procedure for Destination Control System

2. The optimum elevator operating system provides a stress-free environment for all elevator passengers.

Large reductions in peak hour queuing

By reducing service time drastically, Destination Control System relieves passengers stress from rush-hour congestion in the morning and evening.

Shorter traveling time

By registering the destination floor before the elevator ride, the number of floor stops is reduced because the person who wants to move to the same floor can be collected at the same elevator. Therefore, the ride time is shortened as a result.

Not required to press the floor button inside the car

Once passengers get inside the elevator, they are no longer required to enter the destination floor. It removes the burden of the destination entry inside a packed elevator and thus improving passenger experience.

Utilization procedure for Destination Control System

3. Range of Application

1). The application for passenger elevators satisfies the requirement of table as follows.

Specification items Range of Application
Type of Destination Control System FULL type
Number of applicable Elevators 3~8 cars
Max. service floors 40 floors
Numbers of car entrance Only for single entrance (not applicable for double entrance)
Max. applicable number of HDC 88 units
Max. distance from HDC to elevator's door 18m
Fireman operation Applicable
Security (ID card,flapper gate) connection Not applicable

2). Type of Hall Destination Controller Devices

Type of Hall Destination Controller Devices

3). Hall/Car Destination Indicator

Hall/Car Destination Indicator

4). Hall Car Indicator (Works by others)

Hall Car Indicator
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