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Compact Machine Room Elevator
Passenger:8-26persons / 60-180m/min

Machine-Room-Less Elevator
Passenger:8-26persons / 60-120m/min

High Speed Elevator
Passenger: 8-24 persons / 120-300m/min

Compact Machine Room Elevator
Passenger: 8-24persons / 60-150m/min

Machine-Room-Less Elevator
Passenger: 8-24 persons / 60-105m/min

Ultra High Speed Elevator
Passenger: 24person / 1010m/min (Ascending)

Elevator with Enhanced Riding Experience

Adjustable Floor Height Double Handling Capacity

Safety Functions ,Service Functions

Determination of Suitable Elevator System

Real-Time Scheduling System

Destination floor entry at the landing hall brings an optimum control of elevator operating into realty.

Large LCD indicator for car operation panel


Escalator with Enhanced Features

Escalator with Enhanced Features


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