Moving WalkMoving WalkToshiba Standard Type ARE Series

Moving Walk ARE series

Adheres to standard global quality of Toshiba.
Adopts the people-centered design concept to meet diversified requirements.
Applies the perfect and attentive maintenance service system to ensure safe use


Flat type Moving Walk (Horizontal type)

Slope type Moving Walk (Inclination type)

Function of Safety and comfortable

Driving Monitor "ESNAVI"OPTIONAL

”Operating direction” and ”No entry" symbols displayed on the Moving walk's skirt-deck, operating direction to the passengers.

Information about the activation of safety devide Standard

”This device will indicate which safety device has activated and stooed the operation.

Inlet Brush Standard

By installing a brush type guard at the entrance of the handrai belt, it prevents children's hands getting trapped into.

Handrail Selected the

Selected the most suitable color from eight available color variations to match the building use and design concepts.

Precautions for using a cart on the moving walk (customer’s responsibility)

●Before using a cart on the moving walk, the user needs to confirm the following matters first

  1. The cart to be used shall be equipped with a brake device or other device that could replace it.
  2. The wheel of the cart to be used shall fit the palette groove size of the moving walk. Please refer to the following figure for the alignment relationship (Figure 2.2 and 3.2).
  3. Note: If the wheel does not fit the palette groove, there may be a risk that the brake device of the cart could not be released at the exit of the moving walk, and it will prevent the cart from moving smoothly to the comb plate.

  4. Confirm the type of cart, and the user shall confirm the following matters before using the cart. • Types of cart to be used: shopping cart, luggage cart, etc. (Carts shall comply with EN1929-2 and EN1929-4)
    • Fixation modes of the cart: brake type, fixed roller type, others.
    • The cart width shall be at least 400 mm smaller than the palette width.
    • The maximum load capacity of the cart shall be ≤50 kg.v
    • The cart wheel diameter shall be ≥125 mm.

●Examples of cart wheels holding the brake stationary on the moving walk palette

  1. The cart type without the brake device is shown in Figure 2.
  2. The cart type with the brake device is shown in Figure 3.
  3. Note: No matter which type of cart is used, the movable ring (brake ring) must be able to enter the palette groove easily. It is the alignment relationship between the movable ring (brake ring) and the palette groove that keeps the cart in stopped mode. Therefore, the user needs to confirm the relationship between the palette groove size and the cart wheel size.
    It can be seen from Figure 1 and Figure 2 that: a. The thickness of the movable ring (brake ring) shall be <5.95 mm;
    b. The depth of the movable ring (brake ring) sliding into the palette groove shall be <11 mm; c. The thickness of the cart wheel shall be 12.19+9.07 × n (where n=0,1,2...).

Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 3