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Technology Double Deck Elevator

with Adjustable Floor Height in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Roppongi Hills is a high-rise building, which is opened to public on the April 2003. In order to provide better transportation efficiency to the users, Roppongi has installed the World's First Double Deck Elevator with adjustable floor height.

Elevator that connects two passenger cars increses the passengers handling capacity

A double deck elevator allows mass passenger handling capacity, high traveling speed and space saving for high rise building. For Roppongi Hills, it is a high-rise building with unique architecture designs like high ceiling in lobby floors and different floors height at each level that bring limitations to the conventional double deck elevators which only able to operate in fixed floor height. To overcome this problem, Toshiba has developed the World's first Elevator with floor height function adjustment. The distance of the upper and lower elevator car will be adjusted according to the landing platform. When compared to the conventional elevator, Toshiba's new advanced double deck elevator has 1.9times better passenger handling capacity and it is energy saving and environmentally friendly.

TAIPEI 101 Shanghai World Financial Center

Toshiba has installed double-deck elevators with adjustable floor height by ball screws into Shanghai World Financial Center.

Double Deck Elevator Double Deck Elevator

Floor height adjustment function by Double Deck Elevator

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