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To Building Owner -Cleaning guideline- (preventing the spread of COVID-19) Elevator

To all owners and building managers of Toshiba elevator
(disinfection and cleaning procedures)

In order to use the elevator safely, please check the following precautions when cleaning and disinfecting interior/exterior parts such as car operating panels or buttons.

1. Parts concerned

Elevator interior and exterior parts (operating panels, buttons, doors, car interior panels, handrails, etc.)

2. Cleaning procedure

(1) For safety reason, please stop the elevator.

(2) Wipe the parts with cloth moistened with a neutral detergent diluted to approximately 1%.
After that, wipe off the moisture of each parts with dry cloth. (recommendation)

*Please refrain from spraying the fluid on exterior surfaces, as it may cause malfunctions.
*For details on how to clean the elevator and other precautions, please refer to the Toshiba's elevator Instruction Manual.

(3) Please return the elevator to normal operation.

3. Precautions for the use of disinfectants

Please refrain from using disinfectants / cleaning solution containing alcohol (ethanol) or sodium hypochlorite as it may cause discolorations, cracks, peelings, dissolutions or may leave marks on the parts.
If you are obligated to use the disinfectants, please restrain to only for short-term use and refer to the following precautions.

1) Dilute sodium hypochlorite concentration to 0.05%
2) Dilute the concentration of rubbing alcohol (ethanol) to 70-80%.

*Please refrain from spraying the fluid. It may cause malfunctions of elevator systems
*Be careful not to let fluids get into the gaps between equipment and parts while using cloth moistened with cleaning solutions.
* After disinfecting, carefully remove the disinfectant by wiping with water, and then wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth.



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