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Technology Destination Control System

A destination floor entry at the landing hall brings an optimum control of elevator operating into realty.

In buidings, elevators are important means of transportation.
For elevators passengers, length of waiting time and riding time on the elevator is an essential barometer for building services.
The Destination Control System is a group control system that makes it possible to provide more optimum elevator operating by recognizing passengers' destination beforehand.
The situation of the flow of people in the building is comprehensivery optimized in order to an efficient travel and sighificant energy reduction.

Destination Control System

The optimum elevator operating system provides a stress-free travel for all elevator passengers and delivers a significant cost saving through the energy saving.

Large reductions in peak hour queuing

By reducing waiting time drastically, Destination Control System relieves passengers of their stress from rush-hour congestion in the morning and evening.

Not requires to press the floor button
inside the car

Once passengers get inside the elevator, they are no longer required to enter the destination floor. It removes the burden of the destination entry inside a packed elevator and brings trouble-free operations of elevator.

Shorter traveling time

By entering the destination floor before boading, the number of midway stops decreases, resulting in comfortable elevator travels and shorter traveling time.

Contribution to an energy-saving

Operational efficiency of elevators is improved and which brings a significant reduction in power consumption. It is not only user-friedly elevators, but also eco-friendly.

Utilization procedure for Destination Control System

The group control system settles the best operational schedule based on entered destination information.

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